11.04.16 - Studio Lecture

Our evening lecture series this week was presented by Zoran and Danielle from Aesop discussing the process and packaging of their new fragrance, Tacit. 

Tacit, was formulated in collaboration with perfumer Céline Barel. It was born of two key inspirations: the fresh notes found in traditional colognes; and the Mediterranean coast, for its culture, topography, and fragile, perfumed vegetation. Remarkable for its innovative construction, the formula blends refined ingredients sourced from around the globe. It is familiar in its Yuzu-inspired citrus notes, yet distinctly contemporary in liberal use of Basil Grand Vert, which lends subtle warmth with delicately spiced undertones of Clove. The title refers to knowledge that is implicitly understood rather than communicated directly, and alludes to an elusive, almost indefinable quality that is more readily experienced than articulated.

Tacit is given visual expression through the short video featured here, by Australian generative artist and designer Jonathan McCabe, who converts information inputs into algorithms that direct movement of colour and pattern. His inputs for this work were a musical piece that was one of our original inspirations for the fragrance, and audio of Céline Barel speaking about the development process. American composer and musician Jesse Paris Smith created the haunting soundtrack. Stills from the video furnished 61 unique iterations for Tacit’s packaging, making it distinctively yet subtly diverse, and hinting at the olfactory pleasure to come.